First Diode Mixer Picture

Super Bright Blue LED DB Mixer

led mixer

This is the current mixer used in the Super Receiver. This mixer was inspired from the suggestion of Pascal Nguyen, from Australia. He presented this mixer as a term paper in a University he was attending.

In an email Pascal said, "My suggestion is to replace the mixer with passive led type. Please find more information from US patent 6,111,452. It is a wideband gap SIC material, it means high mobility for electrons. Simply speaking it is a ring diode mixer with all diodes replaced by blue leds. I built this type of mixer in 1998 but only with red led to convert my 500 kHz to audio."

In a follow up email he stated, " was designed for High IP3 and jamming warfare by the US forces. I like mixer, the idea of using more than 2 volt of oscillation to turn the led on and off occurred to me in 1998, but unfortunately the red led is able only on very low frequency, I did not have high speed led in that time."

For a copy of Pascal's paper, download this .pdf file, Generika sortis.

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