Hymns Broke Tension in Court Trail

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Mere mention of a court injunction turns thoughts of the average person to tedious, legal proceedings, but memory of one particular such case is a bright spot, bordering on nostalgia, for many residents of Gray County.

It all happened back in '28 when Pampa became the county seat after a series of elections, scheduled every other year to try to move the count seat from Lefors, the geographical center of the county.

McLean residents, as well as some of those at Lefors didn't trust Pampan's motives; and sought an injunction against election results.

The case was battered back and forth from various courts in the area, according to reminiscing of old-timers Charlie Thut. Ray Wilson and M. K. Brown, until the final day of court was held in the former First Baptist Church building.

Many Pampans were present that day, awaiting the court's decision. Strain was evident, as officials were in session in the church basement.

It was then that Brown, leader in civic affairs, eyed hymnals lying around on the benches and conceived the idea of singing to relieve tension.

As he distributed the books, he asked Miss Jackie Jones, sister to Mrs. Roy Bourland, to accompany at the piano.

As everybody found the announced number, Miss Jones began to play and the group sang out on "The Fight Is On."

Needless to say, Pampa won the case and that very same day, almost before legal dotted lines were signed, records were transported from Lefors by Pampa patriots.

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