Downtown Pampa

People used to hang around downtown. Lumped around the entrances to businesses, they made deals on wheat and cattle, with a handshake to close the agreement.

The girl in the buggy in front of the First National Bank is Kathleen Rider. Her daddy had the livery stable where the White House lumber is located, just east of the Post Office.

Behind the bank was an old doctor who probably saved and killed more lives than anyone in the county. His office was in the second floor of the bank building.

Pampa and Lefors were known as two of the toughest towns in Gray County. Everyone had either robbed a bank or had thought about the possibility. Everyone had a pickup and a dog - mostly German shepards. If you had any luck, your wife had a job. Armed robberies, breaking and entering, and prostitutes kept the local sheriff and his deputies busy.

Sheriff E.S. Graves and his many deputies gained a reputation for bringing the law back into town.

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