Stabilizer PCB Construction

Step 1

Inside the polygons are all the resistors and capacitors. A 2 meg resistor is not used, included in some kits.

The 2.2 mfd capacitors around the CA3140 have been changed to 2.0 mfd. Put the two capacitors that are square and marked 205 in those locations.

Use a Volt-Ohm Meter to double check resistor values. The proper placement of the 4.7 meg resistors is very important. If a lower value gets here, the stabilizer will not work.


Quantity Type Value
2 1/4 Watt 100 ohm
1 1/4 Watt 330 ohm
1 1/4 Watt 1.2K
1 1/4 Watt 4.7K
4 1/4 Watt 22K
6 1/4 Watt 100K
2 1/4 Watt 4.7 Meg


Quantity Type Value
12 Disc .01 (.0068)

Non-Polarized, Tantalum

2 Non-Polarized 2.0 mfd Mono/Film
1 Tantalum 10 mfd (3 pin)


1 Electrolytic 330 mfd

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