Farm and Ranch
 Mrs. Adair
 J.A. ranch

Picture made in 1922 on the JA Ranch. Left to right:

Sitting: Vas Stickley, T.E. Bugby, Col. (Uncle Charlie) Goodnight, Capt. Arrington, Judge O.H. Nelson.

Standing: M. K. Brown, Whit Carhart, T.D. Hobart, Henry Taylor, J.W. Kent (Supt. of J.A. Ranch), W.H. Patrick, John Dunn.

Reunion on Old J.A. Ranch

Old-Timers Who Helped to Make History in the West

On the old J.A. Ranch some months ago a group of the "old timers" who helped to make history in West Texas got together for a reunion. Before they separated a photographer took a snapshot of them, which is reproduced above.

Mr. Goodnight, who occupies the center chair in the bottom row, was the first white settler to enter the Panhandle of Texas. He came in the early '60s as a scout for the Texas rangers and later came back to go into the cattle business in that then uncharted section.

Capt. G. W. Arrington, also a former State ranger, came to the Panhandle in 1878. He now lives at Canadian.

T. S. Bugbee of Clarendon came in l876.

Vas Stickley came in 1878. He now lives at Clarendon.

Henry Taylos of Clarendon came in the early '80s and was formerly an assistant of Colonel Goodnight.

J. W. Kent of Clarendon came in 1883 and has been for many years superintendent of the J. A. Ranch.

T. D. Hobart came to Texas in 1886, had charge of the White Deer lands for some twenty years, and was also general manager of the J. A. Ranch. He is new joint executor of the J. A. Ranch with Henry Coke of Dallas.

Whitfield Carhart came to the Panhandle in 1887 and has been accountant on the J. A. ranch for many years.

M. K. Brown came in 1903 and has been assistant to Mr. Hobart in the management of the White Deer lands and the J. A. ranch for some time.

Judge O. H. Nelson of Romero is one of the earliest settlers of the Panhandle country and was the first man to bring Hereford cattle into that region.

The photograph published above was furnished by The News through the courtesy of C. P. Buckler of Pampa. The Dallas Morning News Magazine Section, Page Eight


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